REGULATION & ENFORCEMENT To contain urban sprawl through enforcement of planning and development control regulation in the Greater Port Harcourt Area in accordance with the Master Plan
ACCESSIBILITY & INTEGRATION Connect the International Airport (where Phase 1 is located) to the Onne Port in the South, through a major highway- M10 and the M1, by integrating the new City with the old City.
PHASED DEVELOPMENT Develop the City in Phases commencing with Phase 1 A,B,C and D, and developing from the Northern axis of the master Plan close to the Airport. This takes advantage of its strategic location of the Airport.
CREATE GROWTH POLES Attract population to the area ,establish Growth nodes etc, 18 hole Golf Course, Monte@Rivers, IP @ Rivers, Rivers State University of Science and Technology
DEVELOP INFRASTRUCTURE Provide necessary infrastructure .The new City is planned to be a comprehensively serviced area.
LAND ACQUISITION & COMPENSATION Assist with land acquisition and provide necessary land title documents
MARKETING Assist potential investors with preparation of flexible business plans.
AUTONOMY The Authority is created by Law and operates as a One Stop-Shop investment centre . The independence or Autonomy reduces the bureaucratic bottle neck and speeds the finalization of proposals.