Amb. Desmond Akawor(Administrator) - desmond.akawor@gphcity.com
Mr. John Synger(Secretary to the Board & Authority) - john.synger@gphcity.com
Dr. Justice Nwobike(Director, Legal Services) - justice.nwobike@gphcity.com
Mr. Aaron Obelley(Director, Finance) - aaron.obelley@gphcity.com
Mr. Jerry Dike(Deputy Chief Internal Auditor) - jerry.dike@gphcity.com
Rev. Chamberlain Oguzo(Asst. Director, Administration) - chamberlain.oguzo@gphcity.com
Chief Napoleon Ofik(Ag. Head of Department, Projects) - napoleon.ofik@gphcity.com
Awoniyi-Adeosun, Adebayo(Asst. Director, Corporate Communications & Marketing) - adeosun.adebayo@gphcity.com
Surveyor Noel Elenwo(Ag. HOD, Development Control) - noel.elenwo@gphcity.com

To transform the Greater Port Harcourt Area into a world-class city, internationally recognized for excellence and the preferred destination for investors and tourists.


To build a well-planned city, through the implementation and enforcement of policies that will ensure the provision of first rate infrastructure and delivery of quality services to enhance the standard of living and well being of the people.